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Big changes mean we need practical perspectives more than ever

2020 is making it evident that changes are a natural part of life. With a series of eclipses and more major astrological events on their way, we are all pressured to face the truth in society and within ourselves.

The gift of these changes is that we are now asking the fundamental question, “What matters to us?” To answer these questions, we need to listen to our heart more than ever before. Since November 2018, the North Node in Cancer had been shining its moonlight onto our feelings while the South Node in Capricorn had been encouraging us to let go of abusive authorities.

From mid-May 2020 for about 1.5 years, the North Node is in Gemini, and we are processing and understanding what our heart’s voice is saying. We have the opportunity to change our perspectives to make a better world inside and outside of ourselves, as the South Node in Sagittarius encourages us to let go of abusive mindsets.

In this time of significant change, more people are thinking about the big picture of life. During this shift in consciousness, we can more easily tap into our feelings and activate our higher thinking. When we have more practical perspectives on life, it is easier to make these changes. It is possible to make a better world.

It is time to open your eyes to see what is going on for yourself. It is time to listen carefully to the voice within you so you can create the new world you want. Know that you have the power to speak your mind. Empowered beings make choices consciously with love. When you are aware that ‘all of us have free will at all times’, and there is ‘always cause and effect in motion’, you will want to be responsible for making choices for yourself. And when we do, we can create an authentic version of our lives.

Live a happier life by becoming more aware of the Universal Law, as it can give you the practical perspectives of life. From these understandings, you will come to realize that ‘all is okay’. In this ever-creating world, we can align with the Creation and create, practice and enjoy synchronicities guiding and entertaining us. You can thrive, living your dream. As you become more aware of your responsibility and power, you will come to experience more of your greatness.

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The words written above - 'You can thrive, living your dream', my heart sings with this.

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