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About the Author

All of Yuki’s life, whenever she encountered sadness, she asked the question “how can we live in a better world?” The pursuit of the answer to this question has led her to study a Bachelor of Law (Political Science) in Japan, Masters in Cultural Studies in Australia and Metaphysics privately for 14 years. Her passion to make a better world inside and outside of herself has set her on a mission of expressing big ideas with simple language and lively art for the past 24 years. 

In 2018, Yuki’s world turned upside down and inside out. Her first book “I GIVE A DAMN” tells the emotional, physical and spiritual journey of coming out of ‘the Age of Darkness and Deception’ into a better life, a better world. Now Yuki has come out of the world she knew with more depth and insight than ever before, doing what she always wanted to do: draw, write and express knowledge and messages. With over 150 inspirational and unique artworks and 4 books published, she is just getting started. Raising consciousness by inspiring your conscience, one healing, empowering and universal message at a time. We are revving and ready to go, are you ready to join the ride?

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