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Speak Japanese

Online lessons are practical, comfortable and clear!

So, it is very much like meeting in person!

Learn to

with Yuki

We can see and hear each other very clearly, and there are many tools we can use in our lessons. 

The chat function is good for clarifying words and spellings.

The whiteboard allows me to show you how to write Japanese characters.

We can also share-screen to go through texts and pictures.

I can also record part of our lesson and send the audio file for you to review.

Tools to help you learn to speak Japanese

The benefit of private lessons

All of your studies are suited for you. The content and the pace are all depending on your needs and wants. I can provide the materials and information from beginner to advanced levels. How do I say this in Japanese? I can teach you everything you want to know.


The benefit of semi-private lessons

Even if you and your partner’s level are a little different, there are always ways to teach both of you what you need. It is fun to study with someone, as you can ask and answer questions between each other in Japanese. It’s a great way to build your conversation skills.


The benefit of group lessons

It is less costly and less intense. You will still learn something new in every lesson. It is a way to get stimulated by listening to other people’s questions and applying them to your own knowledge of the Japanese language. 


Intermediate/advanced level

There is always more to learn, whether you have been studying Japanese for a long time or only a short time. As a professional interpreter, I can effectively answer any questions for you. You can build on what you already know, and we will always practice what you have learnt.

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Course Structure 


How it works

1. A new worksheet and audio file are sent to you every week

2. Send back your completed worksheet to Yuki

3. Learn from the marked worksheet 

4. Attend online classes and practice what you've learnt 


Repeat courses to become fluent. 

Everyone has a different learning style, environment and availability.

Even if you couldn't do a sufficient amount of self-study each week

or you missed some lessons you can always repeat the course to become more fluent. 

Even if you are confident, repeating courses makes you fluent and natural at speaking Japanese!

The contents of the courses;

​Click each level to see the actual topics in the 12 units

Level 1: Fundamentals of the Japanese language and sentences

Level 2: Building up your Japanese with 5 W and 1 H Questions 

Level 3: Casual and Formal sentences and more ways to say things

Level 4: Fluency in different tenses and basic structure sentences

Level 5: More intricate sentences

Level 6: Comparing and defining, I can speak Japanese

More tools to help you learn to speak Japanese

Grammar Tree charts for verbs & adjectives


​Learn in Level 1, 2, 3, 4 the foundation of sentences

- the trunk and the branches of the tree


Learn in Level 2, how to describe people/things with adjective tree

A language is like a tree. The trunk is the foundation and basics of your language knowledge while the main branches are the main sentence types. The main branches split into more fine branches which are more specific, detailed and complex sentence types. The trunk and branches form the structure of the language.The leaves and fruits of the tree are the words and phrases that grow from these branches.

Verb conjugation charts (9 pages of verbs introduced throughout the course)

Verb Chart page 1.png
Verv Chart P2 TE form.png

Take a look at the Level 1 Unit 1 textbook and workbook

You can access the sound functions on all of the PDF textbooks & workbooks when you receive the documents via email. You can read, listen, type and practice! It's a great way to learn Japanese!


 ​Lesson Price


Price in AUD

Includes online lessons, materials, audio recordings and feedback via email every week

Private: ( 1 person for 1 hour ) $60 x book 4 lessons = $240 each schedule

Semi-private: ( 2 people for 1 hour ) $40 x book 4 lessons = $160 each student, each schedule

Semi-Private: ( 3 people for 1 hour ) $35 x book 4 lessons = $140 each student, each schedule

Group lesson: (4 people for 1 hour) $33 x book 4 lessons = $132 each student, each schedule


Classes & Lessons Price

Contact Yuki sensei

I will email you shortly.

Speak to you soon!

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Yuki as a Language teacher


 I was born and bred in Tokyo until 15. Then I went to Taiwan with my family for five years. There I studied at an American high school, seven hours every day as an ESL (English as Second Language) student for the first three years of high school. What helped me to get through the difficulty of language barriers was joining sports clubs and doing activities that didn't require words. The last two years was more fun, as I could communicate and make friends.

I went to a University in Japan and studied Political Science in the Law department while heavily involved with the University Kendo (Japanese fencing) team. All of which did not have anything to do with English. It was another reality.

Then, another turn of events took me back to the English world. I moved to the Gold Coast in Australia and started teaching Japanese, first at Griffith University in 1998, while also studying a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies. 

The turn of events didn’t finish there; I was back in Japan. In the countryside (Shiroko, Mie), where I started and ran an English conversation school and taught for five years. Every five years or so, I had moved internationally, and each time, I fully immersed in the Japanese and the English-speaking worlds.

By the time I had my daughter in Shiroko, I knew where I wanted to live. I came to the Gold Coast again in 2005 and continued teaching at language schools while also working for different businesses.

Since 2009, I have also been interpreting as a NAATI (National Authority of Accreditation for Translators and Interpreters) interpreter. To become a professional interpreter took a few years of training. As I have developed my language skills in different areas of study and lifestyles, these two separate worlds of languages had to merge in an orderly way at all levels to be a professional interpreter.

What I can say about my background in Japanese and English is that I have been living a lifetime of learning these two languages in a variety of fields and environments. Language has always been a big deal in whatever I did. 

When we learn a new language, it is frustrating not knowing how to express or understand; however, the BRIGHT side is; when we overcome hurdles, we can hear, understand and speak through this great tool. It is so liberating and fun! It just gets better as you keep at it!

In the last twenty-six years of teaching languages, I have always been passionate and curious about developing my teaching skills. As language is broad and diverse, I am always finding better ways of delivering information that helps my students understand and speak Japanese or English more smoothly.

As languages are living ‘tools’ that we use to expand our worlds, it is more than just an academic study. It takes lots of creativity and practice to get it right. By using this magical tool, we can have experiences beyond the world we know.

My approach to teaching focuses on practical Speaking ability development. Everyone has an individual learning style and speed. What’s important is we find what works for you, and we keep at it. It’s a journey to learn a new language, and I am here to support you. We interpret for ourselves and communicate with others using language - back and forth. Let’s enjoy expanding our worlds together. 


ありがとうございます。 arigatou gozaimasu。❄️ゆき Yuki  

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