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Beyond Our Horrendous History

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Since the beginning of 2021, I have been listening to various sources, and have heard a lot of information about our ancient to modern human history that is beyond what we’ve been told in society.

Amazingly, we are still standing here, considering what has been done to the human race and how much abuse has been taking place at the hands of the humans who sold their souls to the Satanic collective consciousness. In this environment, as a collective, we have been sweeping so much injustice and abuse under the carpet for so many generations. Organizations have become the abuser of their mission, and as a collective, we have been accepting this dissonance. This norm of saying "hey, that's life" is poison in our system.

When you first listen to the disclosed information, it may simply seem like a horrendous history. However, the light that shines through the story of our history is that WE are LOVE in the core of our beings. People often behave in ridiculous ways that are opposite to love, but in our essence, humans desire love and we ARE love; Just struggling to be authentic.

We may have been gullible beings, but not when we open our hearts and listen and see the truth of each matter. We are intelligent, kind and loving at the core of ourselves.

We have been making choices and are currently facing the choice to go with the evolution of awareness or not. The ones who chose to evolve no longer need to repeat the abuse. Higher frequencies have already come to the Earth and everywhere. Our Universe has already come to a new era. We are finally moving forward into a reality where we live authentically; that is being and expressing love and light.

I am so happy to know that we are LOVE.

I am also relieved to know that the world I thought was not right was actually not right, for crying out loud.

It is only when we acknowledge the truth of the matter, we can do something about it with love.

We can finally do something about our world and ourselves.

We can finally return to our true selves and appreciate the world we live in.

The truth will set us free!!















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