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I have come out of the world I knew

In this diverse world of humankind, we have been experiencing and discovering a new world one way or another in 2020.

In the past, humankind has run organisations that benefit only a few at the expense of the majority. These organisations work for these few people's interests and not for the cause of its foundation, to give service. The cause, the original intention has become a cover-up for the abuse behind the curtains.

Meanwhile, many of us were running blindly by fear with a positive face, unaware what was going on…

We have let an abusive culture grow in our society where people in authority like to flex their muscles and assert their ‘power’ on those who can't fight back. But that's old school stuff now.

Every person that awakens adds to the power of the collective consciousness.

We are day by day, coming out of the world we knew.

The Universe has got our back when we focus on creating. Its name is creation after all. Somehow, in the world of Creation, the energy is synchronising and encouraging us to keep creating.

I have come out of the world I knew, and I am here. As we, one by one, acknowledge and process what's happened and what's going on, we recognise what we didn't understand before. Breathe in and out. As we shed in the process of recognition, we now have room to create the new. What does your heart want? The Universe has been asking us this question, and it's time to answer whole-heartedly.

What is our new strategy to create organisations that act to meet the needs and best interests of this diverse human race? How do we run organisations that can function for the cause of its foundation and service? How can we make a better world?

People power, here we come!!! We have come out of the world we knew, and we are ready to create the world we want, together.

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