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My experience in writing 'the books'

After twenty-four years of wanting to do my creative project, I finally found the time and space to draw due to the unfortunate circumstances.

In the first four months of the project, I drew 100 pictures. They just kept coming out of my heart and soul.

When I felt another wave of pressure to leap forward in my work, I spread out the 100 drawings on the floor to organize them. As I faced the pile of pictures, messages came out in words as mini-stories. I wrote these messages for myself to read, and the four books are the final products.

'I LOVE ME' ‘LIFE IS ALWAYS HELD IN EQUILIBRIUM’ ‘I SEE, HEAR AND I CAN SPEAK’ are the three beautiful coffee table books I produced with my spirit team. How the books have come about and what I find in these books is magical to me.

I hope the subtle but powerfully loving messages warm your heart like they did mine.

Throughout the journey of producing these books, my daughter was by my side. We were growing up together. As we left the past behind layer by layer, we continue to discover more about ourselves.

'What we chose to do in the after math' is the silver lining of the age of deception.

These products you see are the extension of our story, "I GIVE A DAMN".

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