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I Wish You Well

may our dissonance become your confidence

in your next situation to come

may you be empowered by our tower moment

the grand collapse of what we had become

may you rise from the rubble of what we had built

so you can find yourself in a better place

a place free of guilt

our love budded and blossomed from our delusions of the world

and it’s time for you to metamorphose from the oyster to the pearl

but to do this you must let our love wilt to decompose with the guilt

and so as one good thing ends, and with ourselves we make amends

an even better thing has already been prepared

so I wish you well in your journey beyond the good things that we shared

- The Daughter

May You Rise

Rising Pearl

Your Journey Beyond the Good Things We Shared

Find Yourself in a Better Place, A Place Free of Guilt

Time to Metamorphose

All artworks by Yuki 💕

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