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- A Book of Metamorphosing -

This book is the story of a mother and a daughter who have been through hell and back. I have come out of the world I know. One day my daughter told me what her stepfather had been doing to her and the entire world turned upside down. He killed himself the next day, and the Reverend who set me up to marry the guy turned her back on us when the truth came out. Everywhere we looked, things were no longer the same. My daughter was suffering from PTSD. We crossed over the water to find our path, but we got lost in every culture we encountered. I did not understand how we could survive, but somehow messages kept guiding us to cross many more bridges. It wasn’t straightforward, and there was not much help. We were on our own, lost in Tokyo, lost on the Gold Coast beach, but somehow we survived. We are now on our path to authenticity. These messages intertwined with pearl shimmer pastel, watercolour, pen and wash pictures will reach your heart.

This unbelievable story of violence has been happening to many people behind the curtains. And we need to expose the circle of violence. No more silence, no more shame. We are here to live and love.

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